Ice Emeralds participate and compete at multiple skill levels and age groups.

Take a look at our comparison chart for which might be your fit! Please keep in mind that this is still in flux given that we’re trying to regroup following the pandemic changes.

Comparable Previous TeamAgesUSFSA Test RequirementSeason LengthPractice Commitment
Youth< 18Basic Skills 1TBD Fall/WinterNo more than 1 hour per week
Open Adult> 18Juvenile MIF*, Adult Gold MIF*, or Silver DanceSeptember-January2.5 hours/week (1.5 hour on ice)
Masters> 25Pre-Preliminary MIF*, Adult Pre-Bronze MIF*June, August-March2.5 hours/week (1.5 hour on ice)
Intro Adult> 18Basic Skills Adult 5+TBD Fall/WinterNo more than 1 hour per week
*Moves in the Field.

Coaches may be flexible and treat the test requirements more as guidelines. For example, we can account for comparable levels with other test organizations such as ISI. Please inquire with our coaches by email at